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About Kim Cannan

Musician Composer Author


Music is not just a medium for entertainment and communication,  it is also a healing modality. After decades of performing, writing, teaching and studying music, Kim has become more passionate about combining music and sound therapies to sooth the soul.

Kim has a background of training in classical guitar but also has a love for many musical genres. As well as being a proficient rock guitarist, Kim also plays ancient stringed instruments such as Celtic Harp and Mandolin.

Kim's relaxing instrumental music has been programmed into in-flight entertainment channels as well as TV documentaries.


Kim composes and produces her tunes with various moods and music-therapies in mind. Sonic Healing Environment (SHE), specialises in music and interactive programs and was birthed to promote science-based music therapies.  Kim's interest in Science led her to complete a degree in Psychology, this inspired her to collate the years of research and musings for her book, How Music Heals Us, Music the Mind & the Metaphysical (2022).


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